Quooker Nordic Twintaps Round Chrome / COMBI 2.2 Tank

The Quooker Twintaps give you a dedicated Nordic boiling water tap and a matching mixer tap.
Twintap sets are convenient, space saving, energy efficient and sleek.
A childproof double-push-and-turn handle with red illuminated tap ring is incorporated into the Nordic boiling tap.

These taps are supplied with a Quooker COMBI 2.2 tank which can deliver up to 7 litres of 100°C boiling water on demand.- a kitchen breakthrough in convenience, water usage and energy-efficiency.
We tend to pipe our kitchen’s hot water supply all the way from our main boiler which can mean wasting energy and running the tap for some time before the hot water comes through.
The Quooker COMBI system eliminates this as it delivers instant hot (up to 60°C) and boiling water (100°C) all from a single tank tucked under the kitchen sink.

- The Quooker Cube system which delivers double filtered chilled still and sparkling water is compatible with this tap.

- The Quooker Cold Water Filter system which delivers filtered drinking water is compatible with this tap.

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Quooker Nordic Twintaps Round Chrome / Combi Tank

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